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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Long time i didn't updated my blog ald..
since today a bit free, so come and write out something...
Now, i basically stay in a new environment independently..
sometimes really feel very very very alone and feel nobody will come to help u..
Sometimes, i will sad until cry  with my pillow...T.T
Really very very suffer on it...
And nowadays very very busy and now ald adapted the new environment but still feel very sad on it..
i dunno y.. mayb feel no best friends around u and talk with u...
how i hope i can back to the past...
really many things that we cannot expected..

And for him..
i aso dunno what happened between us..
now i just want to focus more in my study...
hope in the future we have the chance to back together...
Gambateh to myself!!! 

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